Buying a Drone – 5 Tips

If you’ve decided that you want a drone, you will already know that there are dozens of different models on the market and you will probably be thoroughly confused!

All drones have four propellers and a gyroscope but the similarities end there so follow these 5 tips to help you decide which one is for you. This is an expensive purchase so you need to give due consideration to each item before you make your final decision.
Tip #1 – Recognize Your Skill Level

If you are a beginner (and presumably you are if you’re reading this) and you buy an expensive drone with complex controls, you risk wasting your money in a crash. Perceived wisdom is start cheap and practice flying with less to lose. Equally, you may find it hard to develop the required skill or you may find the whole exercise completely boring and in that case, you won’t have wasted a shed load of money. You can always sell your used one and spend a bit more as your skill level improves.

Tip #2 Check the Flight Time

Flight time indicates how long the drone will fly for without needing the batteries to be recharged. Don’t forget that intricate manoeuvres will shorten the battery life but in general, the more expensive the drone, the longer the flight time you will get. You can expect anywhere between 7 and 20 minutes but the average time should be stated in the drone specification.

Tip #3 Do You Need GPS?

A drone with GPS sensors will enable you to set a fixed destination which is handy as you’ll know where it’s going to land. In addition and perhaps more importantly, you will get a return home button which will bring your drone back to its starting place. This is vital if you’re going to fly your drone relatively long distances out of your sight.

Tip #4 What Does the Controller Do?

Basically, the controller is what you use to control the speed, height, attitude, etc of your drone. The better ones show you exactly that information on the controller itself in real time. This is particularly important if something is going wrong.

Tip #5 Do You Want Great Images?

Not all drones are fitted with a decent camera and images can be grainy but unless you just like flying things, presumably you’ll want to see what your drone is flying over so a poor image is probably better than nothing at all. However, spend a bit more money and you will get improved image resolution.

Follow these 5 tips and get the best drone for what you need.

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