NEW! Dokken Dog Training Drone With GPS Most Realistic Training Tool In The World! TD100

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Dokken New Dog Training Drone with GPS Most Realistic Training Tool in The World! TD100

NEW! Dokken Dog Training Drone With GPS TD100- Most Realistic Training Tool In The World! TD100

New Dokken Dog Training Drone- Most Advanced and Realistic Dog Training Tool In The World! The most innovative dog training product in decades!

"Last summer my young (9 months) black lab puppy was being trained by Tom Dokken (founder of Dokken Dog Supplies, Deadfowl Trainer and Oakridge Kennels) in the intermediate phase. During this time, Tom was experimenting with the prototypes of the training drone. I went out there for a training session and was absolutely amazed when I first witnessed the drone in a training session with Riley. I was handling Riley and Tom flew the drone in the pattern of a decoying duck around and into the decoys we had placed. Riley marked the whole flight and we shot as Tom released the bumper from the drone to fall into the placed decoys. I then sent her for the retrieve. We also used tethered live ducks in the same drill. Additionally, he dropped a live pigeon from a basket (new accessory to be coming soon) and a shooter shot it for Riley to retrieve. The new drone can carry two bumpers to simulate a double. In my opinion, there is nothing in a trainer's repertoire that can more realistically simulate a decoying duck.

Dokken Dog Training Drone Features:

  • Easy to learn to fly the drone with user friendly remote control
  • Drone is retro fitted to hold and release bumpers/pigeons/dummies/game birds
  • Can Carry up to two Dokken Deadfowl Training Trainers
  • Flys and drops bumpers/birds in the pattern of a bird to realistically replicate a real life hunting scenario
  • Realistically replicates decoying ducks and flushing upland birds
  • Invaluable aid in reinforcing key commands of steadiness, marking, multiple marks/retrieves, sit to flush, trailing and others
  • Teaches dog to mark up in the air during training
  • Video Training Series for beginners and advanced.

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